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22July :DD

Winnie ★

/ Friday, March 26, 2010 @ 10:28 PM

Hehe, now posting on my laptop =]]]]]]]]]]]]
bought it at the SP roadshow
that they went down with mummy =]
i actually thought that can buy the laptop first
then later settle the other admin stuff
so i took the MRT down empty handed
but when i go into the conventional hall the person ask me go settle my student card
so i went to counter and give them my ic
and the person ask me for my ic and the photocopy of my ic and result slip
but i never bring then the person say nevermind can mail in to them go send by mail
so i got my SP student card ler(im a SP student =]] )
then i go down and get a brochure about my SMA camp
and get my SP shirt =]] ( finally got mine !) \
and when to see the laptops
then pass by the accer booth but we are not consider acer at all
the promoter say at least give him 5min
so mother listen to what he wanna say
then we look around and wait for my cousin to come
then when she arrive mother ask what she think of the one we eyed on
she said it was ok but the laptop weighs 2kg
i initailly thought 2kg was ok for me
i need to bring my lenovo to sch everyday
so we finally decided on it
but the promoter say theey do not have stock yet until 3pm
and the time was around 2.40
so mother paid and left home
while cousin and walk to foodcourt5 while waiting and chatted
then after some time the person called
so we walked back to the conventional hall
and the person did the start up and showed me the accessory and stuff
then we head to T18 to configure it
we tried to connect to SP wifi but failed
so we tried and tried and finaly connected
and she copied some of the files into my lenovo
and by the time we are down was 4pm
so i carried the whole box,accesory and stuff back home myself(weigh more than 2kg!!)
finally reached home safe,sound and dry !!
shall end here =]]