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22July :DD

Winnie ★

/ Tuesday, March 30, 2010 @ 10:31 PM

SP day with SiLin =]]

Today went CP by myself !
First, i went to pay 8bucks for my ez-link card at the transit office,
next i went to SK library to return the library books,
then i go back down to basement 1 to photocopy my birth certificate and result slip.
SiLin and i took the mrt and went to SP the journey is'nt too long
because i laugh the whole journey until my stomach muscles.
We went into the conventional centre to get SiLin's student card,
while i pass my document to the person.
SiLin then went to get her SP shirt and brochure about ez-link and stuff,
we then head to the pc corner and SL took some brochure.
Ten we decided to explore the campus.
First we walked about to foodcourt 5,
and we suddenly decided to find out where our school are located.
We called marvin and ask him the way to SCHOOL OF BUSINESS.
So we walked back conventional centre and walked a long way and finally found it.
But the whole building is very quite cause it is holiday
after that we went to SCHOOL OF MARITIME ACADEMY.
Oh my i felt afriad went i reached there,
imaging in a few weeks time i need to go in and out of there ... ...
We countinue to walked around without knowing where we are heading,
then we went to dhouby ghaut and bought snacks from the basement and went to kopitiam.
We chat while eating until 3+ and took the MRT back to compass,
and bid her goodbye and sat LRT back.
I watched TV for awhile and went to sleep =)).
Woke up and watched last episode of 妻子的诱惑 & 花样型男.
Shall end here~
*feeling of the day: SP IS BIG !!!!!!!!!