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22July :DD

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2ND WEEK FIRST DAY((= / Monday, April 26, 2010 @ 7:42 PM

The second of SP LIFE in DMB started at 10am this morning at T1A67
first lesson was ONOW by captain TONG
he showed us alot of old pictures of SINGAPORE
i cannot even recognise the places !!
IM young(in the nice way)
I am idiot in HISTORY(the not so nice way)
lesson lasted for 2WHOLE hour and lunch was next
EUNICE,FIAN,FADHLI and ME went down to FC2 to meet up with FERLYN AND EUGENE
we found out that FC2 has totally sit for us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
angry to the max !!!!!!
we had no choice and in the end walk to hotspot bought some snacks
but there was also no seat around the library
so we had to walk all the way back to SMA building and ate on the stairs
so,very,extreme pathetic man !!!
but we were nt the only ones
oh i left out the part on FADHLI and EUGENE walk all the way to DOVER MRT
to buy snacks from 7-11 =) ( waa)
after lunch was port opp also cap TONG
halfway through had mucles cram pain to the maxx !!!
ate 2 panadol from FER
but the pain still persist
the lesson ended early
so 1B 22 stayed back to select our class rep
cap TONG choose people from the list randomnly and we elect
the results:
CLASS CHAIR:MENG/MING HAO ( whole class voted for him !! powerful ! ahahaha )
SECRETAR:FADHLI ( who is worried about the tons of job he has to do !!)
TREASURER:ME ! ( had some experience during sec 4 =) )

next lesson was IDEA at T1A51
as usual do the ZBRUSH thing !
draw something you have never see before ...
capture 3 angry ...
present in powerpoint slides ...
answer the question " WHAT IF ..."
i still do not have any idea what to draw and how to draw !
the next week we will have to present !! (OMG, need to hurry up get this done !! )

after that went to SMA club house to fill up the application to join the subcom

stopping here !!!
byeed !
paintballing ? sailing ??
which one !!