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22July :DD

Winnie ★

/ Thursday, April 15, 2010 @ 7:43 PM

heyhey yoyo !
back from SMA camp for a few days ler !

venue: MLT1

all the SMA students gathered at the Main Lecture Theater
then we watched and listen to the performance by some students & speech by both the SMA principal & SP principal
and those we when to the SMA camp were asked to go infront to do the SP CHEER
this leveled our spirit ~

then we were introduced to our tutor
IB 21/22 is under cap tong
shall not say too much =XX
then we even went to the simulator and poly marina
and then to SPGG

tues: slacking and relaxing at home =D


we are asked to bring our laptops to school
and we were introduced to the various school portal
such as MIKE(My Information and Knowledge Ecosystem) ,
then had lunch at foodcourt5
and played 2 round of pool
im a noobie but manage to win with the help of my partner terry !
then after that Fur(Ferlyn) , Beat(Beatrice) & Net(Clarie)
went to Marina Square to have our dinner
and then bid goodbye =DD

thurs: SP FLAG DAY
venue: Bukit Gombak
meet Fur and Nice(Eunice) and the three of us start to collect
but the crowd there is so little man
im so sorry to fur =/
cause she asked for donation and in the end the person donated 5 bucks to me !
and Nice also helped to donate some to me cause i sort of give up earlier on ( THANKS NICE)
after that gt 2 guy from my class(forgot their names) came and join us
then around 12plus we went back to SP
and we head to Foodcourt2 to have our lunch then we to the classrooms to return the tins
while waiting Fur,Nice and me are chatting
then after that Net,Rabi and alot more ppl came and we all went to CLUB house and slack
and there was this weirld decoration hanging from the ceiling
then more ppl came,
then the girls started to gossip gossip
and we all became high and kept laughing non-stop
later Beat.Nice,Fur,Net and me decided to head to PS instead of the Welcoming Party
we went to XINGWANG cafe to have our dinner
and later Nice's sister came and join us,
after we finished eating and paid the bill they went to cotton-on to get a dress for Nice's sister
while i took the LRT and MRT home !

shall end here !
working tmr @ tam1 =DD