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22July :DD

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3RD PBALL lesson ! ((= / Sunday, May 23, 2010 @ 7:34 PM

Hi peep !
TOday dad drop me off at the bus-stop Bottle Tree Park and i walk in myself.
When i reach there i saw Edwin(ONG) and Dominic both sitting there with another guy.
Then i went to join them then slowly more people came and they went to play basketball.
It's really not my day and i totally dunn feel like moving and mood was low
Idk why ??
Then more and more people came and they went to play basketball
while waiting for Joseph to come ...
We had an informal meeting ...
decide on the day for practice in school ...
and more detail about noob wars ...
Aaron told us that we have to buy own gears ...
After that we came we splilt up into our
and played basketball for some teambuilding session
They guys are rough man ...
Plus idk how play basketball >.<
after that we went inside the field and do some stretching and start with our trainning
One of the players from Division ONE came and coach us
He told us how to breakout , how to hold our guns and correct us from there ...
Not bad ...
I learn the correct and proper way to breakout,
because a breakout is very important ...
People will judge how pro the team firstly from the breakout positions ...
Then we also learn to slide and most importantly how to communicate within our team !
After that debrief and we were release .
I wanted to play Captains Ball with K's bball
but the guys kept playing bball and i did not want to ask them
so i sat and watch them for awhile and went to bathe
after bathing waited for K and both us walk together
i went to the provision shop to get my med
and later went to mac and saw others eating
then we sat ,chat and ate .
The others left after eating while i wait for K to finish.
After that we walk while chatting from mac to NorthPoint to shop around
went arcade , IT shop and Royal Sporting House
then we walkto the interchange and i took bus home while K walked home
reached home bathe again and went to take a nap
wake up had dinner and now using the com
haha !!!
what a fruitful day !
shall end here !