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IM PART OF THE SP PAINTBALL TEAM !!! (Y) / Sunday, May 2, 2010 @ 9:09 PM

Hey people shall update you all about today's event !!!
Firstly woke up late and leave home late !!
I thought that i will be late !
but in the end i arrive early,
alighted at the bus stop infront of the Bottle Tree Park.
then walk along the running track and cross the bridge
and i actually found the place !!! ( im early somemore )
then when to write down my name
and wait at one side but so far still no sight of any girls.
then slowly more and more people came in sight but STILL NO girls
around 10.05 the people say wait until 10.15 then start

There were 100 ppl who signed up,
But 40 turned up,
And they were only aiming to select 30 ppl !!
Which was gd news that the 60 nv turned up ! (hha)

First ran 2 rounds the bball court
then do some stretch exercise and we were divided into 2 teams
one will do the agility and other is stamina
stamina group which is the group im in
will do the sucide run
first run to the first free throw
then come back then go half court
then come back again and go second free throw
then come back and run to the end of the court
and sprint back !!
i almost fell man !!
cause during the warm up we did horse stance(马步)
then my muscles so stiff so when running sure die!!
then do twice.
after that change.
first is the zigzag run like soccer trainning
next we have to lift up the left leg over the cone and advance sideways
lastly bunny jump over then cone then run to the end then slide
i wanted to try sliding but i have no idea how to slide
(note= shall learn how to slide as it will be useful!!)
each set to five times.
then it is the end of the first session
the people will decide the 30 people then will be in the paintball team
i never thought that i will get in cause i get last in the sucide run !!!
but my name is still being called out !
then those who got in will have their lunch and later get to try playing !
woots ! im one of them !
but before that form in teams of 5 !
(as im the only girl cannot sit there wait for ppl come so weird)
group member:
hakim(nt sure of the correct spelling)
group name: coka cola !

then we did some ice breaking games to release the tension and get to know each other
because we will need to shout out their name
then after that start playing after 1 hr plus of intro to rules and regulations
*** v, extreme important rule***
cannot remove mask until outside the field
first game i nv die but get disqualified
one for one
because dom continue without knowing kana hit
gg !!!
second game
kana shot by kenneth koh
but no paint stain and i can continue
but i was in pain too check
so i put my hand on my head and head to the dead box
stuuupid me !
commit sucide !!!

overall :
paintballing was fun !!!!!
haha ! and pain !
advantage : i was the only girl so no need to wait for showers !! (Y)