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22July :DD

Winnie ★

[[[: NDP / Wednesday, August 11, 2010 @ 5:38 PM

Monday was National Day !!!
and someone's bday ...
When and meet up with 21 & 22 peeps at Raffles Place
damn sorry that i was late !!
everyone thr was like waiting for me >.<

awesome girls was damn shocked when they saw me !
cause of my new hairstyle rather hair colour !!!
walked and chatted otw
reached the place
all th volunteers had to squeeze into a makeshift tent
we were given short briefing
thn given lanyard and a tag that say 'crew ' (cool ttm)
thn we changed into th shirt given
and follow th ppl we were under to th respective place
mine was th red tent
we helped set up the tables and lay the bags on the table
in th end we ended up being field ushers
i was using th loud header
' welcome ppl , please move to the front thank u '
so usher ....
thn had dinner after tht at the tent
after dinenr we switched over and helped to give out th bags
th people who had th red ticket was alot
and th bags were not enough
so th guys had to carry boxes of bag all th way from the white tent
thn we decided to lead th crowd to th white tent
so th ppl at th red tent take a rest and watch th peformance
marching ... fireworks ...
after th event ended
we help to pick up rubbish left behind by the crowd
i was'nt tht tiring because there was performance on stage
and the music was high !!!
hahahaha !
after tht all th volunteers gathered at th makeshift tent
transporting th additional bags to th NTUC building
after tht we were given out token and can leave
th token i recieve was used to pay for my registration for SPS th next day :/
nevermind !
get to play [[[:
shall end here !!!
go watch PERSONAL TASTE !!

Me and Eunice[[: <3
Me and Clarie [[[: <3
Me and Beatrice[[[: <3
Me and Ferlyn[[[[: <3
Me and Kayley[[[: <3
Th loudheader tht i mention !!
frm left to right