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22July :DD

Winnie ★

/ Sunday, August 8, 2010 @ 7:14 PM

Hi peeps !!
Was awake today suddenly think if i was late for training
turn out tht it was only 8plus -.-
toss and turn around and clean up cause mum and dad dropping me off outside bottle tree park
when i reach saw kenneth only
th weather was hell lar !!!
confirm i would chao ta if i wait for em under th sun -.-
so 2 of us when down to the foodcourt there wait
charmaine and haikal came and join
later andrew and shannon came
tht was tht attendance was today -.-
i was damn slack today
was walking here and there
sitting in th hut relax
second day dunn feel like doing any running sliding ....
after tht went to bath and lepak with shannon , kenneth and andrew at the foodcourt awhile
thn bus~ed home
ate a london roll and went to bed till 5+ shiok !
thn went over to koufu and have dinner w mum,dad and sis
now watching th national day message on channel 5
blah blah blahhhhhhhhh

i seriously need a planner >.<
byeeee ! [[[[:
happy national day singapore !!