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22July :DD

Winnie ★

Registration Day / Monday, October 11, 2010 @ 8:54 PM

12.00 - 12.30 pm

Above is the date and timeslot allocated for me to register my GEM
General Elective Module
I am suppose complete 3 different module in this 3 years in SP
there are 3 different category
Arts and Humanities - Introduction to French Language and Culture
Business and Management - Customer Service ( Competitve Advantage )
Sciene and Technology - Introduction to Seamanship and Boating theory

I woke up around 11+ am and turn on my lappy
i tried to sign in to mysas and blackboard
but they keep saying the user and password was invalid !
i kept trying ... still cannot
so i hurry went to change my password
i wanted to change to the one i usually use
but there was error
saying that minimum letter is 8 and blah blah
in the end i anyhow key something and they accepted it !!!
I then tried loggin in again ....
SUCESS ! *phew*
so i was watching my drama while killing time
at 12 noon sharp
i click into the Registration >> Add/Drop Module
* use the main page to access*
I refresh also the same thing -.-
in the end i reopen the page , log in again
i had to copy the Module Code and Module Tittle
then the page showed 2 timeslot for 2 day
i accidentally click on the one on tues ( 8-10)
luckily i haven confirm it
i had to go back to the main page , search for the module then click for the correct one
but there is no more slots !!! WTH !!!!
SP people are damn fast !!!!!!!
then i hurry search for the course code and tittle for Non-verbal body language thingy
the slot available is on Tues 8-10
i have class
*give up*
search for the Introduction to German Language and Culture
key in the codes and tittle
saw the is slots available
8-10 on Mon
*check timetable - no lesson*
DONE !!!!
Ferlyn and Eunice choose the modules on Fri 1-3
so im not sure when i am gonna do to kill time then
cause i have class 3-5 , cannot go home :(((
mon school start at 10
but my german class starts at 8
which means i need to be on the train by 7.30
which also mean that i have to wake up around 6+am
Its monday now school is starting on the 18
have to wake up early :'(
i have been sleeping late and waking up late for the whole hols

i have to get 3.2 for my GPA this coming sem
in order to be eligible for my Diploma Plus in Maritime Law and Dispute
Captain T*NG *O *HOO*N is taking my class for SHIP OPP *GG*
Have to work really hard on my part

The day i waited finally came !!
this coming Sun !

Singapore Paintball Series (SPS)
Venue : EAST COAST Park , Angsana Field ( E2 carpark)
17/10/2010 8.00am

shall end here :DDDDD
somehow look forward to school ( IDK why :PPP)
* day 1: school start , lesson , school end , home , homework *
* day 2 : same as day 1 *
* day 3 ... *
* day 4 ... *
day 5 ... *
gonna start soonnnnnnn