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SPS , Sch start ... / Monday, October 18, 2010 @ 9:21 PM

Sat XTC , GK ,Snypers and TMC qualified
Sun competition
First place : Team GK
Second : XTC
Third : Snypers
Fourth : TMC
Today woke up around 6+am and prepare for school
i finished th milo as soon as i make it
then left th house
was damn sleepy otw
was slight late for GEM class
saw kenneth , km , dai en , francis , Chuan Kiat
then lecturer told us some info bout her
taught us how to pronounce German in German Language
Deutchland pronunce as ' Dol + rsh + land '
she then told his the module structure and all
then go on to places of interest and a short video clip
Reichstag ( Rish - tar )
Berlin Wall (Bel - lin wall )
Brandenburger Gate ( gate - tor )
Sancsouci's Castle ( Sand sor cis )
Cologne spelled as Klol ( clone )
Cologne Catherdral ( K o'with 2 dot on top' lner - Dom )
Frankfurt am Main ( FrankFood)
covered until here so far ...
next lesson was Accounting
(Cap Ang)
flooded with alot info
next was lunch
after lunch was Financial Commercial Shipping
(Captain Fadli )
he was quite funny hahaha
that will make future lesson interest !
next was Marine Enginneering
(Cap Teo - roommate with Cap Fadli )
for FCS & MEng there was no lesson
only the admin stuff
then sch ended
had a headache th moment i walk out of the classroom
shall end here bout sch !
bye !!
I wanna master Korean , Japanese , German , French , Italiano !!!!!!