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22July :DD

Winnie ★

/ Thursday, December 23, 2010 @ 12:39 AM

Guten Tag !!
???? ???
it means ' HI ' in german :DD

Guten Morgen ! - Good Morning !
Guten Abend ! - Good Evening !
Gute Nacht - Good Night !

Danker , gut ( dunker good ) - Fine , Thanks
Es Geht ( as gate ) - Okay , so-so
Tschüs - Bye ! See you later

Bitte (bitter ) -  Yes
Danke schön - Thank you
Bitte schön - You're Welcome
Nein danke - No Thanks !

Hehe my body clock is really screwed during hols
slept at 1am woke up at 1.44pm =PPPP
i cleaned my shelves and wash the fan
gonna sweep the floor tomorrow
(hopefully im not lazy ! = PPP)
while cleaning my shelves i found this small notebook !
i bought in when i was in sec 4 during O levels period
see the row of stickers !!
damn cute right !!!
when you are holding onto the notebook you can feel the sticker so 3D feel !!
i've always like to have notebook but i've always have no idea what to write inside :/
i also have 2 Winnie the Pooh notebook
haven think of what to write inside

ps : this sweet is nice !!
they also have Apple and the normal flavour
the one below is strawberry !

Welcome to Dubai !

5* Hotel in Dubai !!
i wanna go stay there for a couple of days !!!
shiok !!!
hmm , but i needa earn money first !!!
the coastline is so beautiful !!!

Dubai's indoor ski resort !!

looks icy right ????!!
but its 60 to 135 Fahrenheit outdoors !
BUT constant 28degree indoors !!

Ski Dubai is a winter wonderland in the desert. Located in the sun-baked desert emirate of Dubai, the cavernous 32,290-square-foot indoor ski resort counts five downhill ski runs varying in difficulty (the longest is 1,312 feet with a 196.85 foot fall), a cross-country trail, a 295.2-foot quarter-pipe for snowboarders, and, of course, a chairlift.

Located next to the Mall of the Emirates, the $275 million winter wonderland also boasts the world's largest indoor snow park. At 9,842 square feet, it offers tobogganing hills, a twin track bobsled ride, a snowball throwing gallery, and a snow cavern.

While the exterior temperature in Dubai ranges from 60 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit, the ski area remains a constant 28 degrees. The entire structure is designed as a capacious cold box. The walls have several layers of insulation and 23 blast coolers. Two feet of snow pack lies underneath a layer of fresh powder that is replenished every night by mimicking mother nature: Chemical-free water is put into a specially designed chiller, sent through pipes into snow guns, and blown out into the freezing cold environment which crystallizes into snow.

Ok !
ending here !!
Tschüs :DDDDDD