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22July :DD

Winnie ★

/ Thursday, December 30, 2010 @ 7:39 PM

Gutten Tar !!!
Im watching this korean drama " Pink Lipstick " these days !
Its about a women being betrayed by her bestfriend and her boyfriend ,
they story plot is similar to Cruel Temptation 妻子的诱惑
Idk why but im starting to like watching this genre the drama !
OHNO !!!
I started watching like from episode 2 onwards on TV channel U
i decided to dl and watched it instead but idk which episode did i stop at
so i watched from episode 1 , jump to 4/5 , jump to 19 , jump to 20+
i then realised i stop at episode 27
th 2 main female lead were so good friends but turn against each other because of a guy
seriously WTS !
idiot guy
then this kind , innocent female lead got betrayed and things happened on from there ...

well well well
enough of drama ~

could'nt sleep the whole night :S
luckily , if not i would'nt be able to wake up on time today
meet up at 8 to discuss accountings project
i felt so guilty
cause as we go through and check through the work
i realise there is alot of error in the work i have done :S
kayley , jimmy they all were busy helping me correcting :S
i should start revising accountings before sch start :S

hehe ending here !
off to watch my Pink Lipstick drama :DDD