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22July :DD

Winnie ★

/ Friday, December 24, 2010 @ 1:24 AM

watching Boys Over Flowers now teehee :DDDD
Kim Hyung Jun & Lee MinHo equally charismatics !!!

HEHE also not forgetting my favourite 2AM SEULONG !!! :DDD

Seulong with Lee Minho ( Personal Taste )

Seulong with IU ( sang : Nagging )


Shi Min Ah & Lee Seungi ( My GF is a Guminho )
*Shi Min Ah is Seulong ideal gf *
ain't she pretty !!

here's another picture :DDD

tried to made barley drink today !
first attempt !!
looking good uh =PPP

watched Hello Stranger today :DDD
it was in Thai but with english sub
naise show !!

This movie is talking about 2 strangers from Thailand who met each other in Korea .
The female lead lied to her bf that she was going shopping in korea with her friend but she was actually going to her korean friend's wedding .
While the male lead joined a tour group which he and his gf sign up for it before .
They had been dating for 8 years and his gf wanted to get married but he would'nt so she suggest for a break up , so the male lead was hoping that his gf while turn up for the tour ...
One night , the male lead went out for a meal and in the end got drunk and stumble upon the a hostel where the female lead was staying and he slept at the doorstep the whole night
Although with the help of the female lead to get back to the hotel , his tour group left without him .

Since he did not the places well neither could he speak korean or english , he begged to follow the female lead around. So they went several places and had fun .
Along the way , they started developing feelings for each other despite not knowing each others names.
The female lead even encourage the male lead to propose to his gf through a postcard.
Just when the female and male lead were happily on the way to the airport ,
the male lead's gf showed up when the female lead .

 Things changed around ...
Okay shall stop here ~ =PPPPP

they went to the place where a korean drama was film
the female lead loves Bei Yong Jun

Couple suit :DDD

Feelings developed unknowingly despite being strangers

the poster :DDD

the female lead always fall asleep when riding on a motorcycle

female lead
i think she's pretty !! :DD
' kap kun ka '

 they won jackpot at the casino and were rich

1 more day !!
its Christmas Eve now since it's past 0000
i thought that this years's christmas would be different
i really thought that we are gonna celebrate Christmas together this year
but seems like impossible now ...

i remember you saying that i could help add colours to your life ...
well ...
i really dunn like the way things are for us now :(:(