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/ Friday, January 7, 2011 @ 11:19 PM

06-01 thurs

lesson @ poly marina
on th mrt i was still thinking that i yar early and text eunice asking where is she
she replied that she ferlyn kayley clara where on th bus otw to poly marina alr !!
in th end i then realise i was late not early
late for class for 20+mins
capt tong started a new chapter
if even ask us to read one sides each -.-
this week ended early but from next week onwards th practical lesson will be replace by more more theory lessons ;(
so class ended at 11 so i wanted to accompany sis and mom go sp open house
but i got 1 hour plus free time
in th end i went farrer park to get gong cha !!
Tried th purple plum , abit too plumy for me
had afternoon nap ;)

07-01 fri
had log class in th morning did not teach much
then crs class
she return th holiday arguementative essay we did during th hols
and ask us to get into group and come up with a question
we then need to do research for th test next next week
then break for
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