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22July :DD

Winnie ★

/ Monday, January 10, 2011 @ 7:40 PM

Alarm clock did not ring today !!
heard daddy clicking on the lights i then woke up
6.45am !!
hurry wash up , shove my books into the lappy folder >> outta house !
luckily managed to get a seat on the LRT & MRT :DD

today our class the german students are suppose to be visiting the exhibition by the french students
but there was some misharp to thhe french lecturer
so the exnibition was postpone to tues
but i've got lesson
so we continue with our lesson that is not tested
we learn about hobbies and relationship
can only remember these
vater - father
muter - mother
oppa - grandfather ( in korean it is referring to father )
omma - grandmother ( in korea referring to mother )

in the end gems class ended an hour earlier
so i went to the library to kill time
found some magazine related to maritime
i decide to borrow this Llyoyd's Maritime And Commercial Law Quaterly
scan my card at the station but this appeared
" please bring card to counter "
i went and the person told me that i have got 10/$ outstanding fines

WTS !!
the librarian asked me to make payment
but i've got no money
so i ask if i could pay tomrrow
in the end she allow me to borrow the book and i have to pay the fines tml
next was accounting class
capt ang start on a new chapter
again ...
*choo choo *
need to refer , read , follow if not i can't understand
then break , we pack food back to class
next lesson was FCS
continue with Flag of Convenience and start on Flag of  Discrimmination
did'nt really pay attention :/
die !!
then next was engineering class
Rudder chapter
capt teo's drawing is damn good
but also he's an engineer
he is require to do drawing
then end class :DD
shall end here

pink lipstick drama !!
an-nyeong-hi ga-sae-yo