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22July :DD

Winnie ★

/ Sunday, January 16, 2011 @ 12:18 AM

Amazing Race Day !!
Suppose to meet hakim @ vivo , 8am
im late but he was even later than me !!
So when i reach i only saw halim , call julien and she is otw
9 plus she came , took my stuff and board daien's car
hakim still otw buying food
so duwi help me fill up th 2 basket with water up to terrace garden
i set up 3 stations while waiting ...
They were npcc group from riverside and got 2 guy showing muay thai
after a while th first team set off alr
then hakim finally came !!
With lots of food !!
He like come picnic like that !!
So we chat , eat , laugh while waiting
then lunch delivered
we then fat while continue waiting
then suddenly they came !!
Feel damn bad , cause we add water to the flour then make it hard for them to blow out the ping pong ball
then continue eating while waiting for th last team
they were th first team to leave school but last to arrive at my station .
Then we start packing up , call daien ask if can longbang us
he say cant !! Got 5 guys !! Tsk !! Squeeze lar !!
In th end , me and hakim walk out to bus-stop to take bus
then they were at th top level
then take picture , prize presentation , and debrief
then i left
wanted to shop for awhile but im dirty so dunn dare step inside shop !!
Saw th green hornet poster , wanna watch but not out yet ...
In th end bought beard papa and went home :)
lie around th bed till dinner then slack round th house

shall end here !!
Miss you :(
nearly 2 months and i still hang up idk for wat ...