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22July :DD

Winnie ★

/ Wednesday, January 12, 2011 @ 10:56 PM

Bad newsssssss
i lost my lappy .
Tsk .
Irritating ppl took it when me and my group mates were getting our materials @ popular
around 5mins and we are back
only vernonica and my stuff were missing !!
So we ask th cleaner , ppl around
then we told th security guards to watch th cctv tapes
file a police report
we even walk around sp to look for suspicious ppl
told mum
then at th night , father scold , reprimanded me :(
its my fault that we left our things unattended :(
who to blame ? ME , cause im suppose to takecare of my own belongings , not leaving it unattende ...
Hopefully , i can recover my lappy ...
Cost mommy and daddy a bomb to buy a new one
dig out th culprit !!!!
Idiot !! Tsk
totally no mood whole of this night !!
My drama , idol pictures , photo of me and ...
My first police report is lost item
wish my good luck in tracking th culprit and retrieve my lappy
wish you were here:(

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