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22July :DD

Winnie ★

/ Monday, January 17, 2011 @ 10:08 PM

I guess i'll be blogging through my phone till i have a new lappy or recover mine
but i highly doubt that i can successfully recover :(:(

German Exhibition today
XL brought Ritter Spot choc and country rye bread
bridget bought sparkling water and apple juice to make th sparkling apple juice
miss rujuta say th drink quite authentic;)
then bread was rather dry and chewy

after that was accountings , capt ang on mc
then we continue w accountings project
bought mac back to class
fcs we are suppose to fil up this paper bout our preference in th type of company for our itp
my first choice was ship surveying , second was ship brokering, chartering
then mek start on marine diesel engine
after school continue w project , finally finish
i seriously hate to squeeze with th office crowd after school -.-
remember that you say will take driving license and send me home :( haiz
forget what i just said
its meaningless to you guys anyway
i know you guys will think im dumb
ought to put down everything and move on
forget bout you
wish i could do this like a 'delete' button
xiang ni de xing hao tong hao tong
bye !!
Ritter Sports milk + Yogurt choc is nice !!
Really miss having you around me ...
Miss you